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Ett liv med Microsoft

April 1986 till September 2000

 av Niklas Möllberg

Efter 14 år på Microsoft AB och Microsoft Corp så har jag samlat på mig en hel del minnen som jag kommer att dela med mig av på den här sidan.

De kommer i princip att vara en tidsresa med start 1986 men kan hoppa lite fram och tillbaka beroende på suddiga minnesreferenser. Är det något just du kan korrigera så får du gärna höra av dig till mig (niklas (at) mollberg.com)



Microsoft logoStarted working for Microsoft June 9, 1986. Acctually, I did some stuff for Microsoft before that day. For some reason Rolf Skoglund (General Manager) sent me to London and something called "SoftTeach". When reading the report (in Swedish) you'll find some interesteing notes and predictions by a young student (me).

trip report


PSS Application Support. This was the old times with the old Microsoft logo on our business cards.



When going trough some old stuff at home, I found my first status report from June 1986!

In 1986 the International Sales meeting was in Cannes, France. Will never forget that nightclub with Bill Gates and the rest of Microsofties from Sweden, and all others of course. The Canadians loved the strip show...(we didn't know about that... PROMISE!). Will never forget the price of the first Coca-Cola either, $25!!!. 
In 1987 we went to Les Arc, also in France. No complaints about the view.

View from Les Arc

Microsoft AB - Les Arc 1987

View from The Space NeedleIn January 1988 I visited Microsoft in Redmond for the first time. Per Lundmark (one of first Swedes in Redmond) introduced me to Anna Prince. She had this list with available positions...but couldn't ask me If I was interested. She didn't have to.

February to June this year was fun. Would I ever come back to Sweden? Well... at that time I didn't care.

Microsoft AB June 1988
In this picture from June 1988, 2 weeks before my move to U.S.A you'll find everybody at Microsoft AB. Still don't know who the viking in the middle is. Do you know? I'm the guy to the left of the helmet.


PLA at Microsoft in Redmond, localization of Word for Windows 1.0 to Swedish.

 The time in Redmond was great. Lots of cool people here at the time as things like Windows 3 and Visual Basic was in development. Had a OK view from my office also in Building 9.


The first 8 months I lived in a house with some other guys in Bellevue.


Something else: Ever heard about the "Velvet Sweatshop?" In the picture you'll find at least one Swedish guy.

1989-1995 Had a couple of different jobs these years:
- Assistant product manager
- IT-dept, Doing all sorts of things (developed "Pguide",netadmin, tech events..)
- Retail Sales. Tech event coordinator
- Project lead for Microsoft Partner Network
- Tech Event coordinator AND the Partner Network
- ms
n SuperSysop and Forum manager for Microsoft Nordic.
1996 1H- Started as a SuperSysop and Forum manager for MSN at Microsoft Nordic. Ended up in a project team for the exernal Microsoft Nordic web sites. This was soo cool - I wish I had quit Microsoft and started a web company at this time :-)
1997 1H-2000 Worked as the Nordic WebMaster. Responsible for a lot of things.. among them www.microsoft.se, www.microsoft.no, www.microsoft.dk and www.microsoft.fi. And some other things on the Microsoft intranet. This was the toughest years at Microsoft but still fun. Worked with many cool external companies like Hallabaloo, CGI Interactive, Pixel, O2 and others.