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Som synes så är allt på denna sida skriven på engelska. Ur-utgåvan skrevs från början för Microsofts interna nätverk 1995.

Du hittar mig även på LinkedIn med historiken om arbetsgivare genom åren eller Facebook.


I was born February 12, 1964 in Kiruna (way up north in Sweden). Moved to Katrineholm (1.5 hour south of Stockholm) in 1974. "Discovered" the computer in 1979 when attending a seminar in Stockholm with my math class (Matematikbienalen).

Handplant Spent the following years in school... a lot of time in front of a terminal, and doing something I still do today, windsurfing and snowboarding (everything started with a skateboard in 1979).
This is real life, on the water
One day in march 1986 my mother said to me "you should start thinking about a job now. The school ends soon and you REALLY have to have a job by then". She's right I thought, better start doing something about that. Later on the same day, on my bed with the latest computer magazine, I saw this ad from Microsoft in Stockholm. "Tech support person wanted"...

More about that on the Microsoft page.



This is me somewhere outside Seattle

I met my girlfriend Mia on Sept 10, 1988 in Seattle.

and bought a new car (of course), Acura Integra LS (outside the Campus).

sometime in 1998 It could be fun to have your own company, so I got one. 2fun consulting. Don't know what to do with it but I've got a business card and a web site.
January 28, 2000 On January 28, 2000 I decided to leave Microsoft. The next couple of months I'll think about what I want to do next and focus on my family. New job? Yes, sure, if it's interesting and fun. Until then I'll spend time with my hobbies, golf and Mazda Miata. Have been working with www.miata.se since October 3, 1999 and that's FUN!
Jun 5, 2002 So - now it's time for a change, we're moving! Yes, to Fjärås, south of Kungsbacka, south of Gothenburg and focus area is...GOLF, FAMILY, NEW HOUSE & FRIENDS. West coast = the best coast :-)
September 2003

Picked up Skateboarding again!! Wonder why I ever stopped skating, this is great fun. Also moved my company 2fun into the skateboard business and is now reselling skatestuff from the US.
A new logo also!
2fun logo

 December 22, 2015 On december 22 my wonderful wife Marie passed away due to breast cancer. The last 4 years and 4 years after ...the worst ever in my life...
Mia Möllberg
June 7, 2019 Basso, our wonderful dog has passed away after 12 years. So sad.

Sept 2019 Yes, I  know - it's not September yet but it's not far away. Finally, my very own company - should've done this 10 years ago...or 20.

Mobenicon AB